Your personal guide to the one of the biggest Moscow shopping malls. The app contains the information about all stores and their location in the mall as well as informs the users about the sales and special offers. The user can browse the purchase history, receive bonuses, follow the news, etc.

Stay Tuned

You can follow the important news of the mall and track the discounts offered by Afimall and its’ stores.

Hi! My name is Kirill Likhobabich,
I designed this app.

The grounding idea was to create a simple and pure design that let users quickly find the relevant information or the store. It also reminds the users where they have parked and informs about the upcoming events.

Parking Space

The app can show the number of free parking places and help you to book it. to book it.

Hi! My name is Anna Tretiakova,
I am a manager of this project.

We tried to create a convenient and laconic app that allows customers to save time on search of the necessary store or parking place. Moreover, this app shows you the way to the exciting world of great offers and gifts that AFIMALL has.


There are convenient filters in the app. All shops are divided into categories that help to find the necessary good or service. Moreover, when you chose the needed good, you can look through all the stores where you could find this particular item.

Receipt scanning

You can scan your receipts to track the spendings and to save the purchasing history right in the app.