Masterskaya Podarkov app will help you create unique gifts for your friends in Odnoklassniki social network. Simply find the image you like, download it to Masterskaya Podarkov, add a nice frame or a kind wish, and a truly unique gift is ready!


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Use a gift template, download a photo directly from your smartphone and find theme images on Internet.

Hi, I am Anatoliy Konev, Project Manager

It was a great project. We worked on an app with entertainment content for a well- known Russian company. It’s fun creating gifts, try for yourself!

Quick and easy!

Create unique gifts using a simple editor. Add a beautiful frame, stickers, and any text. Surprise your friends and loved ones!

Hi, I am Nikita Simonov, App Developer

Working on image processing, zooming and custom keyboard was challenging. We are very happy with the result, it’s a neat and easy-to- use app.

Reference letter

e-Legion is a highly professional team that delivers peace of mind and efficiency for the customer. Working on the project with them we shared our views, brainstormed together to improve our product, make it easy-to- use and enjoyable. We will continue working with e-Legion to further develop our product.

Olga Vainer, Odnoklassniki

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