The news from the biggest internet company and the leading Runet player is now available for Windows.

Favorites. For all devices

All the articles can be added to favorites. The chosen articles will be displayed on all of your devices.

No internet?
No problem!

The application allows you to download the news for the future reading without the internet access.


The app contains the materials modularity arrangement. There are several types of modules written in the code that change depending on the article's popularity.

Hi! My name is Timur Garifzyanov,
I am the app developer.

We needed not only to make the app assemble the news in modules on its own, but also to set up the priorities, such as displaying more important news in a bigger size and vice versa.

Read and comment

There is an opportunity not only to follow the news' discussions but also to take part in it by leaving comments with the help of the app.

Hi! My name is Anna Tretyakova,
I am a Project Manager.

We had a task to create a beautiful and convenient substitute to the news portal of the for Windows so that the users could stay tuned. I think we have successfully completed the task!

Latest news
on the tile

News gets outdated, changes and becomes a history very quickly.

Here comes the live app tile that shows only the recent news.

Always informed

Push-notifications inform about the most important news. Every notification has its own color that is set in accordance with the importance of the news.