The most popular banking services are now combined in one app — R-mobile. With this mobile banking app clients
can make transfers, pay bills, get information on discounts
from bank's partners etc.


You can form the list of the most frequently used cards and accounts. It helps to make the performance of transactions much easier.

Hi! My name is Anton Shtulberg,
I am a manager of this project.

We faced a challenging task — the UI of the app had to be totally changed, new important functions had to be added, but the previous structure and functionality had to be saved.

Vivid Map

You can easily find the nearest ATMs and branches and create a route
to them.

Hi! My name is Anna Kuchuganova,
I am a designer of this app.

I tried to make a pleasant and conservative design for the mobile banking app for Android at the same time. The interface of this app combines the classical and modern trends — thus it hits the most fastidious users.

Special icons

More than 100 of unique icons were designed
especially for the new version of this app.

List of actions

Hi! My name is Gleb Voev,
I am a designer of this app.

Designing this section we strived to gather all the transactions
and the history of last payments in one place.

Secure and convenient

The push-confirmations are implemented in this app. It makes R-mobile the most convenient and secure banking application. Now the user do not need to remember and type in a single-use password — it appears automatically.


We want to thank e-Legion team for their competences, fast problem solving, attentiveness and great motivation. We admire the results of our working and communication processes and recommend e-Legion as a responsible and competent mobile app developer.

Natalia Masarskaya, head of the alternative sales channels development dept, RaiffeisenBank

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