Following the latest political, business and tech news is now available with app for Windows. Enjoy reading the Slon magazine via your tablet or PC!

Hi! My name is  Vladimir Morochkovkiy,
I  designed this app

Each section shows from 5 to 7 latest news displayed in the panoramic mode. This feature let users to quickly plug into today’s agenda. Check a cool smart grid below!

Smart Grid

The grid size depends on the monitor size. It shows as many news feeds as the monitor allows.



You can add anything you want to your bookmarks.

Hi! my name is  Timur Garifsyanov,
I am the app developer

Bookmarks are based on the Roaming Storage. Due to this fact the app can sync the news between different devices with same Live ID.


The app has a built-in sharing system that lets you share
anything you want via your social media accounts.

Be Multitasking

The split mode will let you do two things in one time. It has never been so convenient before!