Our team develops mobile applications since 2009


We are leading mobile application developers across Europe and Russia. Our business processes are applicable to different clients and have a goal to make all works as efficient as possible. The lifecycle of our clients is usually more than 2 years: we do not split after an application is released, but continue to support and improve it.

Roman Beloded CEO
  • 17 awards our applications got
  • 33 789 students learnt to code with us
  • 100+ applications were developed
  • 70+ clients all over the world
  • 97 international experts gave talks at our conferences
  • 5 offices in Russia
  • 50+ devices we use for QA
  • is our business partner

Our processes are built in order to communicate with clients in clear and simple way. We have proved the ability to work with complicated projects, manage risks and be clients’ technical advisor.

Our PMO has guidelines and is always in charge of the processes quality.

Artem Mikhailov CTO
  • Communication

    We agree upon the means of communication between a team and a client before we launch a project. We set up the regularity and tools we use to share the information on the project status and to solve the occuring issues. It helps a lot to avoid misunderstandings and work effectively together.

  • Transparency

    The more client is involved into the project management processes, the easier the project runs and decision making goes more cohesively. We provide clients with full access to project documentation and update the project status regularly.

  • Risk Management

    At any point, there might be some issues that could negatively affect the project — risks. We analyze and evaluate project risks in advance and create a response plan. Thus, risk management is an essential part of the project management performed by our team. Forewarned is forearmed.

Are you ready to discuss your project? We are!

We are really active

According to our internal survey, the most attractive in working for e-Legion is the option to choose the way you are doing your work. Our team also appreciates interesting projects, continuous growth of expertise, comfortable workplace, nice atmosphere, and specialists that become your friends. I would like to quote all the survey answers, but there is no space to 

Daria Novozhilova Head of HR

We have a unique atmosphere here