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  • I need both iOS and Android app but I don’t know which platform is better to start with. What do you recommend?

    The choice depends on the main idea of your future application and the target audience. Also, each platform has its own monetization strategy.

    Apple users spend more money on commercial apps and purchases inside the application. If your goal is direct monetization, we recommend opting for iOS.

    There are many more Android users in the market. They pay for installations less often than iOS fans and prefer to download free apps. The more downloads you have, the more an advertisement inside an app costs. If your goal is to steer users’ attention, you’d better choose Android first.

    We recommend starting with one platform. In this case, the project will run faster and the analysis with of the weak points will let you add some changes to both platforms, estimate its weaknesses and make changes. Choosing the right app to start with you reduce expenses and save time.

  • Do you give a guarantee for the mobile application?

    Yes, we provide a 3-month service guarantee. During this period we will fix all the bugs you find. The main requirement is not to change the source code.

  • What does T&M mean?

    Time & Materials is a product development contract model when you pay the developer based upon the time and materials spent in order to achieve the results. In other words, the model has a “pay as you go” basis.

    T&M is good for projects where you can’t determine the final amount of work or timing. Application development splits into tasks which are evaluated separately. The main advantage of the model is its agility. You can add changes to the project during the development process and estimate its results after each iteration.

  • I have an unfinished app. Can you complete it?

    Sure! We are ready to take your app as it is and get it up and running. We will need the original design, the source code, and the technical specification.

    We will review the documentation, design, and code. It allows us to finalize the project status. You will receive a report and a T&M estimation in order to complete your project.