App development process



We analyze clients’ business and data flows, dive into the subject area, specify functional and other requirements, think over user scenarios. We create a technical specification and a detailed description of how the app should work. We make requirements for interaction with the server and data transfer and to the admin panel for managing the apps’ content.

Our clients get:

  • Technical specification — a set of technical tasks based on business requirements
  • App functionality description — a set of connected features
  • Technical documentation — standards and requirements for an app development
We can create an app from scratch or do analytics only.
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We work on user scenarios and represent the overall structure of the mobile app based on the technical specifications. We sketch and define the logic of screens' transitions. We create a concept model of the app — describe the screens and elements. We work on objects — describe their attributes and connections. We make the app design concept and create an interactive prototype — the visual image of the app and its functionality.

Our clients get:

  • Detailed prototype based on user scenarios
  • Screen flow
We can create an app from scratch or do analytics only.
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We adjust customers’ corporate style to the platform guidelines. We choose the style that fits the goals, status, and image of our client. We create an app concept and develop the design. We design screens, elements, and onboarding. We provide the necessary graphics materials — icons, illustrations, photos.

Our clients get:

  • App design
  • UI-kit
  • Design specifications
We can create an app from scratch or do analytics only.
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We quickly develop native apps because of the proven solutions usage and the libraries set that we have created and keep maintained. We write clean and stable Swift, Objective-C, Java, and Kotlin code. We launch Unit- and UI-tests. We create custom UI-components that make a unique app interface. We use progressive approaches and an automated development process, CI/CD.

Our clients get:

  • App download file to publish it on the App Store and Google Play.
  • Source code
We can create an app from scratch or do analytics only.
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We provide quality assurance at any stage of app development. While the development process is ongoing, we carry out testing on real devices. We create UI-autotests. We prepare test documentation — develop checklists and test-cases. We provide high-quality work of our apps — we find implementations’ and processes’ vulnerabilities that can potentially create some problems.

Our clients get:

  • A ready-to-use app that fits diverse gadgets
  • Checklists and test-cases for testing
We can create an app from scratch or do analytics only.
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Technical Support

We provide a stable workflow of apps with post-warranty service. We optimize mobile products for iOS and Android updates and new devices. We work under the Service Level Agreement.

Our clients get:

  • Stable app workflow
  • Fast technical solutions
  • A mobile app that does not crash when platforms’ updates are released
We can create an app from scratch or do analytics only.
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Project Management

There is always a Project Manager who plans and regulates all the processes: makes tasks distribution, solves technical issues, manages risks, determines if the team is busy enough, and is always in touch with the client. Together with the Project Manager, the client sets up the priorities, the project methodology, the report frequency, and chooses communication channels.

We can create an app from scratch or do analytics only.
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Additional services

We develop functional requirements and documentation according to state standarts and IEEE.

We develop the server-side and web management systems.

We develop ERP-, BI- and SCADA-systems and integration solutions.

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  • Do you give a guarantee for the mobile application?

    Yes, we provide a 3-month service guarantee. During this period we will fix all the bugs you find. The main requirement is not to change the source code.

  • What does T&M mean?

    Time & Materials is a product development contract model when you pay the developer based upon the time and materials spent in order to achieve the results. In other words, the model has a “pay as you go” basis.

    T&M is good for projects where you can’t determine the final amount of work or timing. Application development splits into tasks which are evaluated separately. The main advantage of the model is its agility. You can add changes to the project during the development process and estimate its results after each iteration.

  • I have an unfinished app. Can you complete it?

    Sure! We are ready to take your app as it is and get it up and running. We will need the original design, the source code, and the technical specification.

    We will review the documentation, design, and code. It allows us to finalize the project status. You will receive a report and a T&M estimation in order to complete your project.

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