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  • We create specifications and guidelines analyzing the customers’ business flows and user needs to build convenient mobile apps.

  • We work with user scenarios, design the app logic, and prototype the main screens.

  • We apply the mobile platforms guidelines to the brand identity and make a beautiful and user-friendly app design.

  • We create an extensible architecture and write a clean and stable code. We integrate with the technologies of our clients.

  • We perform manual functional testing and create UI-autotests. We prepare checklists and test cases.

  • We work under the SLA. We monitor the stability of the application work and make the apps ready for new devices and iOS and Android versions.

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We conduct annual mobile conferences since 2012 and bring together the best mobile experts from all over the world 

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We teach how to build iOS and Android apps online Lecturers are e-legion top developers. The best students   get hired.


Open Profession
  • Do you give a guarantee for the mobile application?

    Yes, we provide a 3-month service guarantee. During this period we will fix all the bugs you find. The main requirement is not to change the source code.

  • What does T&M mean?

    Time & Materials is a product development contract model when you pay the developer based upon the time and materials spent in order to achieve the results. In other words, the model has a “pay as you go” basis.

    T&M is good for projects where you can’t determine the final amount of work or timing. Application development splits into tasks which are evaluated separately. The main advantage of the model is its agility. You can add changes to the project during the development process and estimate its results after each iteration.

  • I have an unfinished app. Can you complete it?

    Sure! We are ready to take your app as it is and get it up and running. We will need the original design, the source code, and the technical specification.

    We will review the documentation, design, and code. It allows us to finalize the project status. You will receive a report and a T&M estimation in order to complete your project.

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