Whether you need a new fridge, tablet, dress or TV set, you will find it in new Wikimart app for Windows Phone. There is no need to leave a house to do shopping, everything you need is now in your phone.

Hi! My name is Vladimir Morochkovskiy,
I designed this app.

Our goal was to give customer the most important information
about each item. I think we managed!

Best sellers

For good bargains check 'Best Sellers' section. All new items of this section are shown on a live tile on the main screen of your phone.

Nokia Russia

According to Nokia Russia Wikimart app is in the list of the best apps
for Lumia devices.

Hi! My name is Anastasia Prokopchik,
I designed this app.

Just launch the app and you will find a show-window with the best offers: best sellers, sales, discounts. All in one on the main page
of the app.

Pictures are important!

If you are interested in buying something, you can check pictures of an item. All items have detailed photos so now you will know for sure what you are buying.

Hi! My name is Timur Garifsyanov,
I developed this app.

We wanted our customers to get the best experience from using the app. And for comfortable work of Wikimart for Windows Phone we used Telerik library. Now photos of items will load fast
and without any problems.


Making decision about app creation, we focused on two goals: to increase sales and customers' loyalty. Thanks to cooperation with e-Legion, we achieved the desired results. The e-Legion team did its work to a good quality and on time.

Maxim Faldin, CEO, Wikimart.

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