How often did you spend your time in shopping mall looking for garments? Or how often you forget shopping list at home and had to go to the store one more time? We took care of you and developed mobile app for MEGA.


Google Play


To make shopping even more interesting we added section «Badges». You can get your personal badge every time you come to MEGA and use the app.

Hi, my name is Anastasia Prokoptchik,
I designed this app.

I wanted to create fast access to all functions of the app so you won't spend a lot of time looking for needed section. All sections are on the main screen.


We designed fabulous icons for all sections of the app.

Hi, my name Stepan Goncharov,
I developed this app.

You can easily find any store thanks to powerful system of search by name, tag and category. Besides that we implemented Google maps so your search will be even faster! And you can create shopping lists and list of sizes of your clothes. Everything what you need for fast and pleasant shopping!

«MEGACARD» screen

This screen has short information and description of MEGA bonus system. If you want to receive more information you can find contacts there.

Hi, my name is Atyom Alimov,
I am a manager of this project

Our goal was to develop convinient navigation system so you wouldn't miss any sales or special offers. Now shopping in any MEGA will bring you only pleasure!

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