If you don't know English language or have no time for learning or practicing, it's not a problem anymore. Lionet Leo will lead you through the jungles of foreign language, help you to improve your vocabulary and pronounciation. And soon you will be able to talk in English with the native speakers. LinguaLeo is the most popular service for learning and practicing English. They count more than 8,5 million of users.


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Hi! My name is Anna Kuchuganova,
I am a designer.

Working on this project was similar to the flight in the stratosphere. Designing the Android app was difficult but really interesting. Tasks were nontrivial, the team was awesome and I recieved a huge amount of new knowledge.

Learning materials

There are loads of materials for learning English: the variety of videos, songs, books and articles, divided into categories, for example, business, travel or oral skills.

Easy words learning

You can practice the words, spelling and phrase constructions. The unique system of levels and bonuses will turn your learning process into the exciting game.

Hi! My name is Stepan Goncharov,
I developed this app.

Working on LinguaLeo, we tried to make the app such exciting as the web portal. We paid much attention to the user experience and interface. Moreover, we made this app available in the offline mode. The important role took the testing and beta-users reviews' processing, that helped us to achieve the seamless app work on different devices and to develop the in-demand functions. The result exceeded expectations.


We worked together with e-Legion as one team for a couple of years. During this time we turned many good ideas into reality. As a result we developed an awesome app for Android. By this moment we have more than 2 000 000 installs. This fact tells by itself.
Thank you very much and wish you exciting projects!

LinguaLeo's team

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