One of the most popular Russian cartoon brands 'Kikoriki' became mobile! To get 24 hour access to your favourite cartoons you should go to Windows Store and download the app. This project was developed by e-Legion, Microsoft and Marmelad Media.

Hi! My name is Timur Garifsyanov,
I developed this app.

Releasing the purchase system we faced with restrictions of Windows Phone 7.X, which didn't have In-App purchases algorithm . We dealed with it using service 'Robokassa'.

Full HD

Microsoft Smooth Streaming technology helps to transmit streaming HD video through HTTP protocol when the signal is weak.

Everything for children!

This app will be a great item in your apps collection for kids for Windows Phone.

A large gallery with favourite characters will be a good decoration of your desktop.


E-Legion's specialists work on a high professional level, always responsive and listen for our suggestions and requests. In general, our collaboration left only pleasant memories. We recommend E-Legion as an excellent and reliable mobile developer.

Producing company "RIKI".

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