Not only BMW is the German automobile which is in Top 3 world sellers of luxury cars, but also it is a life style. BMW Aftersales app lets you become a part of BMW culture: buy branded clothes, accessories, spare parts
and automotive chemicals.

Brand new

When working on this app for the first time we designed catalogue for iOS 5. Time passed by and era of flat design came.

Now app has brand new spectacular design that perfectly suits iOS 7.

Hi! My name is Anna Kuchuganova,
I designed this app.

App is very simple and we designed it less than for a week. It was a pleasure to work with it after some time. I renewed the design and some UI features.

Everything is in details

We improved the app, so that now you will use it with more pleasure. Doesn't matter if you are looking through catalogue
or sharing what you like with your friends.

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