BMW is not only the one of the world's luxury cars best sellers, but also a trendsetting automobile company. The mobile app allows the BMW car owners to plug into the BMW culture: get the brand clothing, various accessories, and to quickly choose the appropriate spare parts and autochemistry.

Brand New

Originally, the catalogue design was developed according to the iOS 5 trends. The time has passed, and the flat design era has come. The new iOS 7 version has the updated sections so that the app has got a fresh and spectacular design.

Hi! My name is Anna Kuchuganova,
I designed this app.

Actually, the app is pretty simple. The design was created during just one week. It is super nice to come back to the project you did before in order to refresh the design and add some new UI features.

Details Matter

Now it is even more convenient to flip the pics. Moreover, we have added a sharing feature so that the users could send favourites to their friends.