Pyaterochka mobile app

Pyaterochka is a large proximity stores chain managed by X5 Retail Group, leading food retailer in Russia.

In 2019, our team began working on the Pyaterochka mobile app for the retailer chain’s regular customers. So we used this chance and made shopping even more convenient! The application is full of handy features like product catalog, loyalty card, customer feedback and user account with promotions, accumulated customer rewards. Besides all of these we have introduced a unique functionality for the retail market application – Guest Community.

5/1 MM
MAU/DAU users
6 100
hours of iOS development
6 700
hours of Android development
10 100
hours of Back-end development
3 100
hours of Web development
In this project we did:

We did not start working on the application from scratch. It was already available in the application stores with quite a large audience of users. Therefore, it was crucial for us to maintain the app running while developing new architecture and functionality.

During the year of collaboration with the X5 product team:

  • we have locally improved the back-end quality
  • kept on going further on improvement and stabilization
  • redesigned both iOS and Android applications and rewritten the application from scratch
  • launch several major features aligned with the company's internal business processes

Spy club

We developed a unique product called Spy Club and integrated it inside the Pyaterochka mobile app.

Spy Club automates the in-store quality assessment process. In fact, Spy Club is a customer community with the ability to influence the retailer’s quality across all stores. With this integrated product we simplify mystery shopping letting customers assess quality and get rewarded through their casual shopping routine.

Spy Club launch results

We started the pilot project with 65% of the chain (10 000 stores). During the 3-month pilot, our clients made 12 100 assessments with the MAU indicator rocketing from 66 469 to 200 000.

Spy Club significantly surpassed the standard Mystery Shopper system in all quality indicators.

Number of stores checked per month
30 мин 30 min
2-5 мин 2-5 min
Time to complete the check
нет no
есть yes
Anti-fraud system (negative monitoring)
24 часа 24 hours
1 мин 1 min
Time for processing forms (response speed)
We’ve rolled out the app in several iterations with a 6-week period to design the first MVP-version. Our pilot project was launched in WebView.
Sergey Vylekzhanin
Pyaterochka Spy Club, Product Manager
MTC Cashback

Team communication

As we initiated the project we aimed to form a cohesive team with the capacity to solve any problem autonomously while maintaining the product-oriented management approach. That’s why we worked back to back with all the client’s departments and third-party vendors, sharing our experience and initiating processual changes across all levels.

We constantly think about increasing communicative transparency and efficiency. One of the challenges we faced was that implementing the redesign on schedule required significant and rapid expansion of the team and increased interaction with the client’s teams. This required flexibility and responsiveness in changing the way we work 👩‍💻🧑‍💻👨‍💼
Grigory Nikiforov
Project Manager


Functional modules on the iOS platform are put into separate frameworks: UI, database, network, services, resources. The app has six loyalty programs, each with a functionality that, if necessary, can be effortlessly taken out for further reuse, for example, in a separate application.

Not all the Pyaterochka stores provide internet access. So we cache all the data to allow users to use the application without an internet connection when, for example, one needs to show the loyalty card at the cash desk.
Victor Volkov
iOS Developer
Экран каталога 1
Экран каталога 2
Экран каталога 4
Экран каталога 5
We redesigned the application and created a lot of interesting features, including a product catalog and a shopping list that allows adding products from the catalog, view product information and weekly discounts in the chosen store. With the help of App Bundle and resource optimization, we reduced the size of the downloaded application by half 2 compared to its analogs. Custom interface components development allowed us to get a unique design with improved app performance. Finally, we implemented the modern app architecture based on Clean Architecture, MVVM and Android Jetpack 🤟
Аlexey Kochergin
Android Developer

Marketing integrations

We integrated both internal and partner third-party systems. Depending on the marketing campaign, the user earns points that can be spent as a payment for mobile network service, restaurants and other partner campaigns.

Crucial task was to implement the back-end in a way that allows the marketing team to launch marketing activities with partner companies.
Alexey Pulich
Back-end Developer

The e-legion team is proactive and competent with not just a mere quality of work, but also always offering their own efficient development and optimization ideas. The whole team is sensitive about the product, treating it as one of their own, they actively seek the best ways to improve it and strive to make the Pyaterochka customers’ experience as convenient as possible.

The team works passionately on process optimization with the goal to increase the work efficiency and rapidly adapts to execute significant tasks in a short time.

Evgeny Kleimenov
Product Manager