Mobile App Alfa-Direct for Traders

Alfa-Direct is an Alfa-Bank project that allows investors to manage and monitor their financial assets in real time. We have plunged into the business processes of trading and created a mobile tool, through which investors do not need to withdraw assets from the exchange even during the holiday.
5 500
hours of iOS development
4 100
hours of Android development
# 1
Best financial app according to Tagline Awards 2017
4 000
experienced traders use Alfa-Direct
The task was to create a mobile app with a full scope of the desktop functionality. For operational and transparent work, we have gathered a scrum team and participated in a special training organized by Alfa-Bank. The team interacts daily with the Product Owner which helps to speed up all the processes. We continue to improve the product and fill it with new functionality, working in the format of a dedicated team.
Scrum Master
In this project we did:


Several modes of the graph imaging, time-frames, crosshairs — the app contains all typical trading customization tools. We have also implemented a cool feature: the user can independently draw on the charts on the smartphone screen to conduct the technical analysis of quotations.
We fit a very large part of functionality on a small smartphone screen so that the user could enjoy a full trading. We have improved the original desktop features and behaviour patterns making them more obvious and convenient.


Quick access to the account information: the user receives the information on profits and losses from purchased shares, the status of bets on buying or selling shares, etc.

Forming an order

The user chooses the method of placing the order themselves:
  • From the graph
  • From the order submission screen
  • From the order book
The client has taken over the implementation of the network interaction and data caching: we use a C ++ library. Thanks to this approach, we got the cross-platform business logic of the application. As a result, all new features are simultaneously available to the iOS & Android users. We have reviewed the architecture of the project and established a close interaction with the Alfa-Direct team to achieve this result.
Android Developer
A flexible development using the Scrum methodology allows us to improve and develop the application from the sprint to sprint, taking into account the current needs of users. We regularly monitor the app reviews, analyze them and work on requests and suggestions. Localization of business logic in a separate cross-platform library significantly saves our time while the autotests provide an opportunity to change the code without risks.
iOS Developer