The RaiffeisenBank always strives for excellence and we fully support this idea. The updated app “Elbrus Mobile” delivers an excellent service for the corporate clients. Now it is even more convenient to get the necessary banking services.

24/7 Access

All users can search the map, call the support and send a letter right to the bank even if they are not logged in.

You can try the demo version of the app even if you're not a RaiffeisenBank client

Hi! My name is Gleb Voev,
I've designed this app.

Nothing should distract the user from their goal. We've made a neat and trendy design without having a disturbing elements.

App Navigation

Manage the several companies’ finances using a single account

Individual Main screen for each company makes the interface more convenient and doesn't distract from the user’s goals

Own history of transactions for each banking account

Find the most relevant and regularly
used features on the main screen

  • List of accounts
    with payment history
  • Activity log
  • Money transfers
  • Communications with the Bank

Everything Is Under Control!

The corporate Bank client often deals with big sums and complicated transactions. These processes differ from the ones of common e-banking transactions. We added activity log where users can manage the payments and money transfers and also sign the payments with single-use SMS passwords.

Hi! My name is Nikita Simonov, I've developed this app.

The most complicated task was the development of Ruble payments receipt. It consists of multiple fields displayed on the one screen united by non-trivial logical connections. Now users can do various payments and transactions. We did it at its best!

Money Transfers

No more papers!
Clients can transfer money to another bank or within their accounts and save the templates for the further actions or add to favourites.

You've Got a New Mail from the Bank!

Now all the important notifications from the Bank are available in the app. The most crucial ones require to be read, otherwise the user cannot proceed their work in the app.

Hi! My name is Diana Nesterova,
I've tested this app.

The banking app testing is a specific task. Security, quality, UX are not just words. We created our app out of them. Try it now, you won’t regret!