Mobile application GDS for the Ginza Project restaurants is the convenient solution for restaurants' owners and delivery services' representatives. With this app the client can look through the menu and order his favourite dish from any of the Ginza Project restaurants.

Ingredients and calories

When you choose the dish you can look through its ingredients and make sure that you like them all. Also you can count the calories of your desired meal without any additional programs.

Hi! My name is Dmitry Medvinsky,
I am the back-end developer.

It seemed that the back-end developer of restaurant's menu-application couldn't have faced any difficulties. There is a trivial data-model with rare changes (can be easily cached), simple API, basic control panel for restaurant's managers, and online orders processing.

But even in this project we faced the hidden pitfalls. Just try to work with the big amount of information and, most importantly, the dozens of food pictures and not to get gastric ulcer. My doctor thinks we managed it.

Where to order?

In the app you can choose the nearest restaurant and
the delivery will be for free.

Hi! My name is Gleb Voev,
I am a designer of this app.

I strived to make the functunal and beautiful app. The convenient
menu and section switching with single gesture make the search
less complicated. Pure and light design makes an accent
on photos of delicious dishes.

Awesome control

We were inspired by the typical roller in iOS and we made our own. Now you can choose the amount of dishes without the keyboard!

Hi! My name is Alexandra Syrskaya,
I am a tester of this app.

It was so hard to test this app — too many photos of yummy food :-) The whole team tried to make the app pleasant and joyful like an evening in a cozy restaurant!

We didn't forget about the iPad version :-)

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