My JetKid app

My JetKid app helps to take care of a child and always stay in touch if any help is needed. It works in a pair with a portable device JetKid Smartwatch. The JetKid app tracks the user's real-time geolocation and physical activity during the day. It also sends an emergency alert.
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1 123
hours of iOS development
1 459
hours of Android development
3 000+
new users per month
We established communication with customer vendors using Chinese, English, and Russian languages. Communication with Chinese engineers and technical documentation translation made it possible to achieve the main goal and additionally learn entry-level Chinese.
Project Manager
In this project we did:
We have developed the app architecture which allows users to interact with smartwatches with different functionalities. We also provided flexible settings for the functions and an opportunity to easily increase the number of features in the future.
Android Team Lead

Tracking a child's geolocation

Parents are aware of the child's geolocation in real-time. In cases when it’s more than one kid, parents could easily switch between different profiles.

Safe zones

The app sends a notification to parents when a child enters and when s/he exits safe zones. Parents are able to call a tracker and check the environment where their child is located.
We carefully analyzed the target group's needs and concerns. The сomprehensive analysis helped us to create a user-friendly, intuitive interface. This convenient app allows parents to be aware of their child's geolocation and what's going on around him/her in real-time.

Notify parents

The tracker will notify parents when a child presses the onboard SOS button. It also sends a notification in case the tracker is snatched from a hand or the battery level is low. The app allows parents to communicate with the child, wherever they are.
We used several different architectural approaches. This allowed us to reuse and improve existing code. As a result, we got a cleaner script which is much easier to support. The app is in a state ready for implementation of new features in the immediate future.
iOS Team Lead

The app is working well and thousands of users have already installed it. e-legion has become a reliable technological partner of ours. The experienced and approachable team, through their diligent efforts, is responsible for the project development and its success.

Dmitry Karasev,
Project Manager