Lingualeo app for learning English

Successful Russian startup Lingualeo contacted us to create an Android app for their educational services. The result is millions of downloads and 75,000 reviews with an average rating of 4.7. We are proud of the work we have completed.
In this project we did:
Working on the Lingualeo project can be compared with flying to the stratosphere. Designing the Android app was a tricky task, as we knew that the app audience varies in its characteristics. We were working on the non-trivial tasks together with the design team and the Lingualeo Team Lead and immersed ourselves fully in the project. We needed to stay constantly tuned to improve the features and implement new ideas.
App Designer

Educational content

The mobile app contains a large number of educational materials such as videos, songs, books, different articles divided by topics: business, traveling, communication skills, and so on.

Memorizing words is easy

Users pass different training sessions on memorizing words, spelling, and phrasing. The system of levels and bonuses transforms the learning process into a play.
While working on the Lingualeo app, we have tried to carry an enjoyable and valuable experience that the audience gets by using the website over to the mobile app. We have paid special attention to app usability, interface, and offline functionality. Testing and working with the beta-users’ reviews was an important stage of the app development. We have managed to achieve a stable operation on many different devices and have added features users asked for. The result has exceeded all our expectations 🎉
Android Developer

We have been working with e-legion for about 2 years. During this time, we have jointly implemented many great ideas. As a result, we got an Android app that has been on the top for a long time and has more than 2,000,000 installs. These numbers speak for themselves better than any comments on e-legion's level of excellence and professionalism. Thank you, and we wish you new interesting challenges!

LinguaLeo team