An international platform for the medical community MedReach

MedReach is an international platform for pharmaceutical companies, medical representatives, and healthcare professionals. We have been developing the application from scratch since 2018 — we are creating a mobile tool that combines a professional social network, an industry educational portal, a platform for audio/video conferences, a video library, a vacancy pool, and a system of interaction between medical representatives and healthcare specialists.
hours of iOS development
hours of Android development

We have set an individual team for this project. The customer is located in Saudi Arabia but this does not prevent us from interacting.

At the start, we held an offline session: we gathered the whole team and Product Owners in our office. In the workshop format 👩‍💻👨‍💻, we finalized the functional requirements, drew up a work plan, and selected tools for communication.
We always keep in touch and quickly solve all the issues.

Project Manager
In this project we did:


The uniqueness of the MedReach product is found in the combination of its services, knowledge base, and communication tools, all available in one platform. Now, various medical professionals can use one application to manage their tasks.

Tools for super admins

A Super Admin is a MedReach employee who manages the platform. The main features from the side of the Super-admin platform:

  • Verification of users and their licenses
  • Adding new pharmaceutical companies and managing current ones
  • Management and validation of all content on the platform
  • Management of courses created for HCP, Course Designer for CME
  • Creation of publications for the HR section of the platform
  • Dashboard with analytics

Tools for pharmaceutical companies

  • Manage your users and medical representatives
  • Appointment of doctors for selected medical representatives
  • Publication relevant vacancies
  • Organization and management of educational courses
  • Monitoring and analytics of the medical representatives’ work
  • Setting KPIs for employees and tracking their implementation

Tools for medical representatives

  • Planning and schedule personal meetings with doctors
  • Conducting conference calls with a screen sharing option
  • Chat
  • Working with company documents and processing incoming requests from doctors

Tools for doctors

The application helps doctors keep in touch, plan their time, and study.
They can:

  • Make audio, video, and conference calls
  • Communicate in chats
  • View news feeds from pharmaceutical companies and the medical community
  • Learn about industry events from the calendar
  • View public materials from medical companies
  • Have access to a video gallery from medical companies where they can find courses and lessons
  • Take public and private refresher courses
  • Find work using the HR portal

We have created a technological tool that solves the tasks of several key figures in the medical system.

We managed to optimize communication, control, recruitment, and integration of medical representatives, doctors, and pharmaceutical companies 👩‍⚕️👨‍⚕️

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