We have developed Android app “Moderator” for Russian social network Now all registered users have a chance to become a moderator and help to identify negative content posted by another member of the social network.


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Content cleaning

The operation concept of the app uses a complicated mechanism based on users opinions and therefore a chance of negative content miss is precious little.

Hi! My name is Artem Alimov,
I am a project manager.

App idea is interesting and simple at the same time. Users define content acceptability by themselves making social network better and earning points which can be spent for different privileges on


All users earn points, choose lots and making bets fight against each other.

Hi! My name is Aleksandr Nesterov,
I am a developer.

We have designed a unique animation for all elements of the app. One would think It's no big deal, but this little things make the interface smooth and beautiful.

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