Mobile application for the Pobeda airlines

By law, all airlines in Russia are required to record the negotiations of crew members in the cockpit. We developed an iPad application that helps the Pobeda airlines to fulfill the requirements of the law.
In this project we did:

The data protection

The information security service of the Pobeda airlines asked us to transfer all the data by safe SFTP Protocol. To implement this, our iOS developers had to come up with a clever way to circumvent Apple's restrictions. But now all the information is safe. After the files are transferred, the mobile app deletes them from the iPad memory.
The app records conversations in the background in mp3 format. But the transfer via SFTP can not be done with the screen off, so our iOS-developers have set a timer in the system code which ensures that the screen is turned on during the data transfer.
Sergey Semchenkov
Account Manager

One button

The main customer's goal was to fulfill the requirements of the law. Therefore, we had to make the project simple, fast, and inexpensive. We used mostly native elements and didn't complicate the application. The recording starts with the touch of a button. When the tablet connects to WiFi, the files are automatically sent to the server.
The design of the application was assembled from native components which facilitated and accelerated the development process. Prototyping and writing the code took about two weeks, then we tested the application on airplanes and made changes for about a month. The customer's task has been completed and we are happy.
Sergey Semchenkov
Account Manager