Internal communication app for the RTRS' staff

Our team has developed an internal communication app for employees of RTRS, a state-owned enterprise that operates television and radio broadcasting services in Russia and has more than 17 000 employees. This app allows RTRS' employees to find their colleagues’ contact details and quickly contact them via the app.
In this project we did:

Communication in one tap

Users can contact the right employee directly from the app. It allows users to create lists of favorite contacts, make calls, and send letters. Communication has become much easier and faster!
We have created an app 📱 with a native development using iOS SDK and Objective-C. The server side is written in ASP.NET MVC and uses the Active Directory server as contact storage.
iOS Developer
We have designed this app in a way that it mimics the look of the already familiar and convenient iPhone address book 🙂 It has become much easier for RTRS employees to find their colleagues’ contact info and check their job positions.
App Designer


The RTRS app is a corporate address book accessible only by the company’s employees. It has each employee’s contact details, as well as their department and job position. The entire list of corporate contacts is available without an Internet connection.

During the development process, we discussed possible interface solutions for searching, sorting, and displaying contacts. Implementation of those ideas has significantly increased the usability characteristics of the app. It is worth mentioning the internal testing process organized by e-legion, which, by the way, proved the absence of errors within the app. Our company is satisfied with working with e-legion and recommends them as a reliable partner with expert skills in developing mobile applications.

Ivan Kuznetsov
Information Policy Head at the DIT RTRS