My Tele2 mobile application

My Tele2 app is one of the key channels of communication with customers of the operator. With its help, you can manage services, tariff, and account. We have been developing this app since its launch in 2015. In 2019, we made a complete redesign and released a third version with new features for user engagement.
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Tele2 aims to maintain its status as a trendsetter in the mobile world. Therefore, to redesign the app, we had to take into account all current trends and predict future ones in order to engage old users and attract new ones 👍
In this project we did:

Improved navigation

We have reduced the number of sections in the menu to three and removed all settings in the "Profile" section. Then we divided the screen into several zones, taking into account the most popular user scenarios and the most interesting features for business.
In the new version, we have shifted the focus from expanding the functionality of the app to its proper presentation to the user 🚀

Quick actions

We have highlighted the main functions for users and made them as accessible as possible. For instance, you can top up your balance in 2 taps.

Cards for numbers

We used the best practices of the Russian banking sector and made the display of all user numbers in the form of cards.

Each card contains a preview of the tariff, balance, number of minutes left, and date of debiting funds. When you tap on the card, you get to the My fare screen with more detailed information.


You can change the color and name of each number card.

Besides, we have added integration with the notebook. If the user's number is written as "My Honey Bunny", it will also be displayed on the card.


To increase user engagement and make the app even cooler, we've added fun features like Stories, messenger stickers, and postcards with a Panda that says, "Keep the GB and don't deny yourself anything".


We have made widgets so that users can view the remaining tariff balances without logging in to the app.

By the way, their design repeats the appearance of the card in the app. A small thing, but nice.

Widget is not the most important feature for business. But users have been asking for it for a long time, complaining in stores. After we added the widget, users started raising their ratings and giving thanks 🔥

Dark theme

The first version of the My Tele2 app was black, and it had a lot of fans. We took into account the user's wishes, the innovations of iOS 13 and made a version of My Tele2 with a dark theme.


Tele2 always demonstrates new features of the app in advertising. Therefore, the release of each feature is timed to the launch of advertising campaigns. We have to meet record deadlines, but we haven't missed any deadlines and we keep the crash rate at 99.9%.

Love and praise

Users love My Tele2. Due to the smooth update, we managed to make the redesign painless and keep high ratings in stores: 4.7 in the App Store and 4.6 in Google Play. After the redesign, the iOS app was recommended 78 times on the main page of the App Store in 2019 — more than the competitors' apps, and the Android app was recognized as the best by Roskachestvo standard.
Really cool products and results are produced by the teams that are involved in the process and who cares.
Thanks to this engagement, our colleagues at Tele2 started calling us their product team. And getting the title of the product team for outsourcing is valuable 🎯
Project Manager

It is important for us to anticipate customers' wishes and take into account the latest trends in app development. After the redesign, the app has become even more technological, convenient, and better prepared to integrate the company's innovative products. Together with the e-legion team, we are making the third version of the app. The guys pick up our ideas, develop them and offer their own, it turns out to be productive and awesome

Alexander Smerdov
Senior Interface Manager at Tele2