Venn: The friend app

Venn — service for meeting people around the world. The app connects people based on their shared interests and hobbies, which makes it different from the usual dating services and apps.
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When we started working on the app, there was a piece of code written but the task for us was to define all bugs and issues and continue working on the code 🔍

We have almost re-written the backend and implemented the basic user stories on the mobile side.

Project manager
In this project we did:


Venn connects people through interests, hobbies, values and preferences.

It’s basically tinder for friends. A typical use-case is if you’re new to a town and would like to find someone to do something other than going on a date with, like playing squash, having a drink, playing games, etc then Venn will help you find and meet that person.

The app also calculates a matching percentage, allowing its users to find out how well they match with other users.

We have developed a cool feature — a user compatibility calculator based on a completed profile with the ability to see the matching criteria and the estimated distance between users 🖐
All this information is available inside the user card.

Back-end Developer

Our team is the best ever 🥰, we are 5 people: 4 developers and me. The team from Venn side is super involved. There are a product owner, CTO, designer, and co-founder.

We communicate in Slack every day, guys are always on-line and have lots of discussions during the day. Our weekly statuses are held on Skype.

Project manager

Users’ hobbies and interests are displayed as bubbles which can be set using a tap.

We have developed an anonymous login that helps users to get straight into the app without bothering to register or log in. Anonymous users will have limited functionality and will be asked to register once they need it.

We have used Clean Architecture as we do for all our modern projects. It helps a lot when you need to provide the data for the investor demos while the server is under development.

We used GLSurfaceView to add a screen where users can see matched values and preferences bubbles, and move them around with some physics.

Android Team Lead

We have developed and implemented a proprietary user authentication service using the OAuth2 standard extended by custom authentication methods.

Thanks to this, we were able to make a transparent log in the application for anonymous users with subsequent registration via SMS and with the full saving of history and settings.

Back-end Developer

e-legion has voluntarily taken on an advisory role for us. They’re asking all the questions that we haven’t thought about. Their team is very thorough and that’s indispensable when building an app. I receive messages from our project manager discussing the new details she has been thinking about that would benefit the app.

Jasper Algaard
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