Vesna is the best way to find new interesting people in your city. Check who is in your area, choose the one you like, and if the other person feels the same, consider your meeting arranged. Chat with each other and set a date.


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Vesna is an easy to use app. No need for registration, you can use your VKontakte, Odnoklassniki or Facebook account. Just one touch, and in two seconds you can choose the person you would like to meet.

Hi, I am Anatoliy Konev, Project Manager

Vesna provides an exciting experience. Meeting a new person has never been easier before. Choose from thousands of men and women waiting to meet someone special.

Don’t be afraid to talk

You can not only chat but also send pictures to each other. When sending a photo, note for how long the person you are talking to can see it. Once time you set has expired, the picture will disappear.

Hi, I am Mikhail Barannikov, App Developer

You can upload as many photos as you want from your phone or social media. Also, you can choose your Cat Character and write funny statuses.

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