The App fo All-Russia state television and radio broadcasting company

We have developed a Windows Phone application for All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company which functions in all territories of the Russian Federation, CIS, and Baltic countries. The media corporation includes popular TV-channels Russia-1, History, Culture, Euronews in Russian, RTC-Planet and many others.
The TV audience is over 200 million people. It was important for us to focus on consistent application operation so not a single user would miss their favorite ❤️ program.
Project Manager

Do not miss your program

The notification system which we have implemented will remind users about the programs they plan to watch.

Live broadcast

9 on-air channels and 13 off-air channels are available for application users. Watching live broadcasting is easy and comfortable even if you are not in front of your TV.
An exciting task was to make the live broadcast to work under the average conditions of GSM-signal. In order to achieve that, we have integrated a special library into the application.
App Developer