Alfa-Direct mobile application

Alfa Direct is a mobile trading tool from Alfa-Bank. It helps to trade on the stock exchange and invest in securities at any time from anywhere in the world.

Since 2016 the e-legion scrum team has been working on the app's new features and service improvements considering users' feedback. This allowed us to improve performance while keeping the app's high rating.

#1 app in Investment and Commerce category according to the Golden Application 2019 awards
of active users audience in 2020
of revenue
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In this project we did:

Order formats

We focused on simplifying the stock market operations with an emphasis on user security. To achieve this we have introduced the order limitation types: Stop Limit, Stop Limit and Take Profit, Stop Market and Take Profit.

With these new orders, the user can rapidly react to market changes and automate asset trading as there is no longer any need to control the trading process in the Non-stop mode which saves users valuable time ⏱
Android Developer

Ideas section

We have developed a new section entitled Ideas💡, which provides stocks and bonds purchase recommendations. The recommendations are based on professional brokers’ insights, technical analysis, and news monitoring.
iOS Developer


We have analyzed thousands of user requests and conducted a UX-research, and released a new update of the portfolio section, which now unifies two tabs: Positions and Balances.

In addition, we have introduced the multi-profile portfolio 📊 analytics with categorization by markets, currencies, profitability, and balance’s proportions.

Authorization and electronic signature

Users who have an existing Alfa-Bank account or installed any other bank’s applications can log in using their existing accounts.

We have redesigned the screens and notifications of receiving and reissuing the electronic signature certificate. Overall app’s interaction became easier and faster.

The process of electronic signature setting was not easy and presumed a 4-screen scenario. We have redesigned and optimized the user path to take only 2 screens, thus reducing the user’s redundant actions 👌

Flexible trading tool

Based on user feedback and suggestions, we have identified the necessary tools and added the new features in terms of interaction with charts: indicators, drawing functionality, positions and orders chart display, and placing orders right from the chart. It contributed to the convenience of securities market analysis and prediction-making.

Working with users

The users’ opinion is important for us, so we added new features to the app’s onboarding. Now users are notified about the upcoming features and can influence our priority by informing about the most necessary of planned ones.

I am proud of our team that renders such a result in product development: everyone wants to invest and grow, earn more, and get smarter. Our goals were achieved and overperformed the initial plan, attracting new investors, and improving the application’s accessibility. Strength is in people. Strength is in the team 💪

Victor Yefimov
Product Manager, Alfa-Direct