Mobile App Burger King

We have created an app for those who love burgers but can’t stand queues. In the Burger King app, users can make a preliminary order and payment, and they don’t have to wait in line anymore — all they need to do is to go directly to the present area, name a code and take the ready order. For those who save their favorites, the order becomes even simpler — just a few taps to repeat the previous order and it’s on its way.
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hours of iOS development
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hours of Android development
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In creating the Burger King app we solved two problems: shortened customer wait time and increased the number of orders by means of an additional sales channel for the client. The app is also available offline. Users can look through the menu and find deals at Burger King restaurants even without having a connection to the Internet.
Project Manager
In this project we did:
We put together a cool and flexible utility for uploading images based on Glide. Implemented efficient data caching on the application side, which enabled our users to save traffic and considerably decrease the load on the servers.
Android Developer
We created schedulers of network exchange with a central server, which proportion loads on the network according to current order status and saves traffic and battery on mobile devices.
iOS Developer

Finding the nearest restaurant

The app will direct a user to a nearby Burger King and map out a route. It is convenient for those who happen to be in a new place.

One tap payment

Users pay for orders right in the app. That’s why we take care of user data security both inside the app and in communication channels with the server. We paid particular attention to security on purchase transactions from fake requests and deliberate attempts of fraud with payment systems bypassing the app.

Postponed order

This feature enables users to arrange an order for a convenient time. Five minutes before the arranged time a push notification pops up and reminds the user to pay for and submit the order to be prepared.


A loyalty program allows users to buy their favorite burgers with a good discount.


Users are first to learn of deals provided by Burger King restaurants and Burger King’s partners.
We used the Figma tool which became a magic wand for the whole team and sped up the process of app creation. For interface development, we took traditions from Material Design as a base and adjusted Burger King’s corporate style to guidelines for mobile platforms.
App Designer