We developed the app for iPhone and Android users. This app contains a catalog of kitchenware and recipes so that you can easily cook using any Vitek kitchenware.


Google Play

Bonus System

You earn bonus points when cooking with the app recipes or leaving reviews on cooked dishes. You can use these points in the gift store. The more points you have the wider choice you get.

What Your Food Processor Can Do

Mark the items of the kitchenware that you use and the app will show you the best recipes.

Hi, my name is Arkady Smirnov,
I am project manager of the app

We wanted to build an app that users would love and find it useful in their everyday life. You will find hundreds of recipes of both simple dishes and gourmet cuisine, bonus system and other features in the Vitek app.

Cookery Book

There are more than 100 recipes in the app. Each recipe has a list of ingredients and kitchenware, a video instruction and the amount of calories of the dish. You can also see the bonus points that you earn.

Hi, my name is Kirill Likhobabitch,
I designed this app

I love cooking! So I really enjoyed designing this app. Now everyone can try to cook something from the gourmet cuisine and there is no need to have wheat germ :-)